About I.C.E.

About I.C.E. and how it works
I.C.E. brings together first responders & your loved ones so that the right decisions can be made for you!

In an emergency, time is critical and so is having a loved one there who knows all your medical information to make decisions for you. What happens when your loved ones aren’t with you? I.C.E. Card is designed to be able to connect everyone together in an instant.

I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) is more than card, all your important emergency related information and contacts are available to a first responder, to connect with your loved ones, so that your loved ones can communicate quickly with the first responder.

FREE - Download your free card, carry it with you which will contain all your relevant health information and emergency contacts.

  • Register for I.C.E. Card

    Setup your free ICE Account. Free users can download and print a Wallet Card to carry with them.

  • Carry your I.C.E. Card

    Print as many as you need, carry it in your wallet, place it in your wallet, helmet, vehicle, etc.

  • In the case of an emergency

    In the event that you are not responsive, a first responder can get your health and contact info from your Wallet Card.

  • Quality of Care and Information

    Your I.C.E. Card can save your life, so keep your card up to date so that first responders can have the right information.

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